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Sintered metal fiber cloth with protecting mesh,made of fiber felt with single or double mesh sintered together.
The main filtering layer,the Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt, is made of extremely fine stainless steel fiber(micron grade) by sintering in high temperature after special non-wove matching and laying.
With the pore gradient formed by layers of different pore sizes, the stainless steel sintered fiber felt product can achieve higher filter rating and larger holding capacity, and larger filter area, and can keep the filtering working continuously. Based on this character,stainless steel sintered fiber felt can overcome the disadvantages of easy to be blocked and damaged of stainless steel sintered mesh, and the disadvantages of fragile and low flow rate of sintered stainless steel powder filter, and has the advantages of resistant to high temperature and high pressure,of which normal filter paper and filter cloth can't compare with.
The mesh which is sintered together, is the protective layer,to make the filtering fiber felt a higher strength when working. Either single or double the protecting mesh sintered, is all on customer's request, or designed by us based on the working condition.

1.High dirt holding capacity,excellent filter rating,long replacement period
2.High porosity,,excellent permeability, Low pressure drop, high flow rate.
3.Corrosion and high temperature resistance, acid,alkali,organic solvent,pharmaceutical etc. resistance, can be used under 480°C for long time.
4.Easy to be processed and welded.
5.Special specifications are on request.

Polyester melt purification in chemical fiber and membrane industries
High temperature filtration and corrosion liquid filtration in petroleum industries
Hydraulic fuel and lubrication oil filtration in mechanical equipment
Liquid purification in pharmaceutical,biological and beverage industries

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