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Standard five-layer sintered mesh

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Usually standard sintered mesh consists five layers, the protective layer, the filter layer, the dispersion layer, and two reinforcing meshes. It provides excellent persormances such as high precision and strength, so it is ideal filter medium for applications requiring high strength and precision.
Thanks to its surface filtration construction, and smooth wire of the mesh, it is good at backwashing and regeneration.
Therefore, it can be reused for a long time, and is especially suitable for continuous and automatic operation, which exceeds any other kind of filter material.
Furthermore, this mehs is easy to be formed, machined and welded. It can be produced into many kinds of shapes such as circular, cartridge, cone and pleats.
1.High strength:extreme mechanical strength and pressure tolerance, can be machined, welded and assembled.
2.High precision: consisant filter property in media grades, without apertures changing during operation.
3.Heat resistant: can be continuously used in temperature ranging from -200℃ to 600℃ and filtering in acid and alkali conditions.
4.Cleanable: backwash and clean easily, can be reused with longer service span, and can be cleaned by means of ways, such as backstream, filtration liquid,ultrasonic, dissolution and baking.
Standard size:1200*1000mm
Standard thickness:1.7mm
Standard material: 316L.Stainless steel like can be used either.

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