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Reach euro 4 emission standard of truck diesel particulate t


Purem company introduced a kind of capable of continuous sintering metal trap, can reduce particle emission, durability
Iron chromium aluminum fiber felt, filtering in the application of the particle trap.
Thesaurus automobile diesel engine emissions
1 introduction
Truck across the eu emissions standards tightened sharply, which makes effective exhaust aftertreatment system essential procedures. Two existing post-processing scheme is particle trap and catalytic reduction (SCR) system. Particulate trap is designed to reduce more than 80% of the particle emissions, and adopt an ammonia form reductant SCR system can reduce the number of similar NOx emissions. Post-processing system based on these solutions of the main development focus on the durability of the system. In order to ensure that all the function of the operating range, in particular, and engine exhaust aftertreatment system control the necessary connection between the two still have to be developed. In order to reach 0.02 g/kW · h level, particles remain in the trap and oxidized to trap regeneration. Particles during oxide trap structure can withstand maximum load.
Is particularly dangerous trap heat stress in materials, the thermal stress due to limited space particles during combustion of local maximum temperature.
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