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Sintered multi-layer metal mesh is composed of laminated layers of wire cloth bonded special canlendering and sintering in vacuum oven,to create a new filter material with higher strength and rigidity.Its interlaced mesh forms an uniform and ideal filteration structure.As a new filter material,it not only overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary metal mesh,such as lower strength,poor rigidity,unstable hole shapes,but has excellent performances such as high precision and strength,efficient flow restriction,mechanical and resistance to abrasion, heat and cold by reasonably arranging its porosity, permeability and strength.Therefore,its total performance has obviously advantages than sintered powder,ceramic,fiber cloth,other filter material.
Our sintered mesh has been widely used in many industries such as aerospace,aviation,petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,machining,pharmaceutical,food,synthetic fiber,film,environment alprotection industries in respect of filtration and purification,gas-solid,liquid-solid,and gas-liquid separation,cooling,gas distribution,fluidization bed,gas stampling collection,shock reducing,sound attenuation,inflaming retarding.
Main applications:
1.Distribution and cooling material in high temperature.
2.Material used for gas distribution and fludization bed.
3.Material requiring high precision,stable perfemance in high temperatue.
4.High pressure backwashed oil filter.
1.Standard material:SUS316L,SUS304
2.Available size:≤1200*1000mm
3.Filtration ration:1-300μm
4.Special sizes are available on request.