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The reduction of the metal fibre sintering felt regeneration


The metal fibre sintering felt filter medium is a kind of high precision long life concentration type filter medium, its production cost is higher relative to other filter material. To save energy and, at the same time also to be environmental protection, in view of the metal fibre sintering felt good reduction regeneration conditions, can be regenerated. Comprehensive consideration in the process of reduction regeneration to filter working status, filtration system pollutant type and cleaning procedures.
General cleaning principle and method:
A, chemical cleaning
The most widely used and effective cleaning solvent for acid and alkali cleaning fluid. Chemical cleaning method is to gather fat condensation filter commonly used effect is the best cleaning method.
B, super living wave method
Super living wave energy is a kind of continuous compression and expansion wave energy, this energy is applied to liquid, air pockets, continuous burst, causing ultrasonic cleaning function effectively.
C, cleaning heat treatment
Vacuum pyrolysis, heating box, liquefied bed, hot salt bath is this several should consider when using chemical cleaning method does not work
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